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I was in a new relationship with one of the sexiest women I know. We were both in their thirties at the time. It was small and thin, with a very curvy and peri- ass small breasts. I loved it, men want to your body while walking in front of them and always encouraged him to wear revealing clothes. We were only out for a few months and we both wanted an open relationship, but wanted to be together. On two occasions he largeporntube had come home full of cum, and enjoy the pleasures of Sloppy Seconds slippery. The third time this happened, came home largeporntube very drunk and she looked so sexy with the 'just fucked ' look around. I was waiting largeporntube for a session of more sexy, but she collapsed on the bed fully clothed. I put it to his side with one knee up and took them off. His top half was wet with juice and when I slid my fingers under her underwear was rewarded with a weak slippery pussy. I could not resist and started to lick her ENJOying the salty taste of semen is slipping out of her pussy. She shifted and rolled onto his stomach to steal each other pleasure. I was very frustrated because I masturbated to shoot cum all over her ass and sexy panties. was not until the next afternoon to relax after a long shower and went to the room where he was a movie naked. She asked me if I had caught the night before and when I told him no, he had masturbated a bit more than it actually is. He stood before me and started playing with her shaved pussy and I could see was getting wet. He said : 'I like the idea of men masturbate on you,' she complained, her fingers moved faster. ' Injected think about all the hot cocks cum all over you,' I scoffed. His fingers were a blur. 'With many people with you is fantastic', I blurted without thinking. He paused and looked at me, ' how do you know ' he said. I froze for a second then the basis of all or nothing told him howIn my youth was so that I was bisexual nymphomaniac and that many had enjoyed my body, and many largeporntube men had cum on me. That is to say everything to me and when I told her, a lover of my masturbation in front of groups of older men who then runs through my body, she started rubbing her largeporntube pussy again and at no time makes us hard fucking . 'I want you,' he said, only because the idea has me hard again and pushed my cock into her pussy wet as I agreed. largeporntube The next afternoon we went to an area where I knew from experience that probably would have many of the older men for sex. It was a wooded area with many isolated niches inside. I picked it up, I knew very well that a large tree had fallen into the corner and surrounded by shrubs. The night was warm and there is no summer would be very dark. She shuddered when I took the jacket and showed his body in black stockings and suspenders largeporntube clothes. That was all they hadSince. I was naked and we had a hard time. She started sucking me and I was so engrossed in this case do not see the movement behind it. He got up and left to sit in the trunk of the tree and began to lick her pussy. His fingers pushed my tongue as her body tensed and I realized I had company. I got up and saw three men about 50 rubbing their dicks looked at us. I largeporntube largeporntube smiled and told them to come closer, and to rub her pussy and slide her fingers and began. He watched the men take out their cocks and their eyes were glued to her while she rubs her fingers frantically. One of the men approached her and his cock was largeporntube only inches from his stomach as hard largeporntube masturbate. She began to moan and her legs were trembling fingers almost made him stop, but before climax mans cock largeporntube suddenly a huge blast of cum was all of the hand and fingers with another run, all shot and then his bellyunder the breasts. She screamed and hit her cum splattered fingers hard into her pussy as her orgasm turned to jelly legs. He stayed for a while and relax, breathing hard, then his fingers returned to her pussy as she watched the other two men. For a time all were only two men were probably masturbating in the late 40 early 50's and largeporntube one of them recognized me from previous sex sessions. One of the first two men went out and stood near his feet and open eyes fixed on her shaved pussy released a stream of cum all over her legs and stockings. He picked it up and rubbed it on her legs and belly still plays with her pussy. I turned and put his arm against the tree and the other with the game itself, as I went behind her. I pushed my cock into her as she moaned in pleasure. He grabbed my hips and slowly moved my cock in and out of it. The men came to watch and the man I knew you, before taking my hyy is placed around the cock of another man, a moment later did the same with your other hand. It was a feeling so sexy jerk two cocks fucking my girlfriend. Not exceeded and the other to take his hand and wrapped it around his long, thin tail. He looked around and saw me playing with the other two cocks and I could feel her pussy contractions as she was always close to another orgasm. He rubbed his cock on her nipples hard and straw soon shrugged his hips and shot him three streams of cum all over her chest. He stood up, my cock fall from his eye and turned on my shoulder, smiling. I looked around and saw two other men were jerks his cock. You told me to shake men and all their runs on it. I have the largeporntube man standing before her, she pushed her hips. Her pussy was only inches from his penis while he masturbated. I took some of the sperm of her breasts and ran my hands slippery, as I masturbated. It did not last long andI could feel, just before pushing forward to finish his cock touched her pussy as he shot several chains of milk on the lips and the tip of her thighs. This sent her to another orgasm and she clung to me as her body shook with joy. Then he knelt on all fours and told the other men shoot cum on it and let them fall. I saw three men knelt on either side of fingering her pussy and rubbed her nipples and one by one, cum on ass and back y. While this was the other man and I masturbate each other slowly. got up at dawn and saw his amazing cum running and was pulled over her breasts, rubbing his hands over his body, are cleared and when she found a largeporntube piece of run that got into her pussy. He waved past the last man and stood before him and grabbed him by the tail, while she leaned against the tree. She masturbated hard and only ones was here, he bent the knee of semen in her vagina to shoot, but she reached up and squeezed his cock as he shot his load. I knew it was a heavy Cummer arrived right at her when she saw me in the eye, and dumped several jets of sperm into her. The second I picked out of the arms and wrapped her legs around me and his arms around my neck. My dick automatically found the site and pushed to make semen in the muffler and drips onto the floor. The last man who surprised me with one hand cupping my balls and the other largeporntube pushed between us and rubbed her clitoris. The two arrived with an intensity that almost break down and was sprayed for the first time in my belly and largeporntube eggs from her orgasm was so strong. It took a while to recover and promised to do it again.
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